KB Pharm is preparing for
the upcoming future with

enhanced human health and better life.

Korea’s No. 1 Research Center
for researching and developing APIs medicines

We continue to innovate our research
center with our specialty with the aim to
become a leading global research center.

General active pharmaceutical ingredients

General APIs Plant 1 and 3

Active pharmaceutical ingredients for
cephalosporin drugs / injectable intermediates

General APIs Plant 2

Finished Solid oral dosage form drugs

Solid Oral Dosage Form Plant

Anticancer, High Potency APIs

Synthetic APIs Plants 4, 5

Active pharmaceutical ingredients for
carbapenem and cephalosporin injectable drugs

Sterile APIs Plants 1 and 2

Finished cephalosporin injectable drugs

Sterile Medical Vials Plant

Since KB Pharm founded its Research Center in 1988, they have been
developing top-notch APIs medicines based on decades of experience.
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KB Pharm delivers
love and sharing. Direct link to Social Contribution

Residential environment

We visit the homes of people in need and replace
their wallpapers and floorings to improve their living

Nursing Home Visits

We pay visits to nursing homes and assist in bathing, entertaining,
and feeding senior citizens with limited mobility.


We adopt rivers nearby our places of business
and look after them to preserve their ecosystems
and the quality of the water in those rivers.

Leading Innovative
Pharma-Chemical Player

KB Pharm will grow to become a leader in
the global pharmaceutical-based chemical
industry beyond Korea’s top and
largest API companies.


[Head Office(Asan)] 174, Sirok-ro, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

[Seoul Office] 4th floor, Chong Kun Dang Building, Chungjeong-ro 8 (Chungjeong-ro 3-ga), Seodaemun-gu, Seoul





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